I’m often asked questions such as “how do I get a backlink from Forbes?” or “how do I get featured in Forbes?” or still “what is the secret to get mentioned in Forbes?”. Besides for the commune interest in Forbes that these questions imply, these questions are referring to very different types of placements you can get.

So, before getting to the main point of this article – getting a link in Forbes in a short time and with little effort – I think that it is worth spending some time analyzing these difference placement types.

How do I get a backlink from Forbes?

This is a broad question. A backlink is a link from Forbes to your site, doesn’t necessarily means that Forbes is talking about you mentioning or featuring your story.

A backlink can be introduced with a neutral anchor text such as:

“virtual reality has become a new trend in the industry. All types of companies are moving in embracing this new technology.”

The link was placed on the anchor “trend” in this paragraph above. To be noted that the link includes a do-follow tag, thus the juice from the Forbes.com domain passes through the linked domain. This type of link increases the site Domain authority, hence its likelihood to better rank on search engines results.

One important thing to be noted on here is that the backlink offered in this case is not necessarily direct. An unethical approach that has been emerging recently is redirecting (302 as temporary or 301 as permanent) the domain linking in Forbes to another domain.

Let’s better understand this:

Domain Rome.com has a direct backlink on Forbes.com. When the domain Rome.com expires, Mark will buy this domain. Domain Moscow.com hire Mark for their SEO campaign. Mark redirects Rome.com to Moscow.com; by doing this, the Forbes link will point – indirectly – the new domain.

This approach leads to many possible issues, from getting penalized from Google to acquiring together with the Forbes.com link, other bad links.  It can even happen that direct Google penalization will be redirected to the new site.

We really discourage the usage of these techniques, focusing instead to other more productive approaches as described below.

How do I get featured in Forbes?

As specified in this page, a feature “is a full dedicated article to you, and/or your brand, and/or your service. A feature can also be published as a full interview”.

This page illustrates how a feature would look like. Without a doubt, a feature is the best type of placement you can get as it gives full credibility and authority to the company – or person – featured in the piece.

Branding campaigns highly focus on this type of placement, and it is agreed by all the marketer experts, that the featured companies receive incredible SEO benefits. Besides for the value offered by the backlink, the company name mentioned in these features – even without links – presented with positive sentiment and tone, can bring a very high SEO value.

What is the secret to getting mentioned in Forbes?

Although there are no real secret formulas to get mentions in Forbes, we have listed below some practical ways to achieve this. In this paragraph, instead, I’m focusing on the definition of “mention.” A mention is “is a paragraph with a mention to you or your company in an article relevant to your company industry.”

There are two mention types, quote, and brand. The quote mention is introduced through a quote from a company representative. The brand mention instead is introduced only through a backlink using the company name as the anchor.

The decision to choose this or that placement type strongly depend on your campaign goals. Generally speaking, these campaigns have three types of achievements SEO, branding, and traffic.

 A Forbes feature is a full page dedicated to you or your company; a mention is just a paragraph. Both placements come with one or more backlinks; however, backlinks can also be introduced without even mentioning or featuring that specific domain. Also, a backlink can be presented using black-hat techniques such as using a 301 redirect, so be very careful about it.

Now that we have understood the different types of placements you can get in Forbes; we need to move forward with the techniques you can use to achieve this.